Refinance Rates Can Vary from Lender to Lender


If you are considering a refinance mortgage, your first concern will likely be the mortgage rates and their effect on your monthly mortgage payment.

Mortgage rates can vary from lender to lender as well as in different parts of the country. As a result, rates that are advertised may differ from those of a specific lender being offered to you on your mortgage.

Mortgage rates can be affected by many factors, such as:

  • The lender
  • Your credit score
  • Home equity
  • Debt-to-income ratio

As an experienced mortgage broker we can align you with the best refinance rates if you are considering refinancing your existing mortgage.

Call Brian Lardner for assistance by a reputable broker who can help you find the best refinancing options.

We Can Help You Find the Best Refinance Options


No matter where you are located and what your economic climate conditions may be, it can be very difficult to make monthly payments on a home mortgage.

If this is symptomatic of your situation, it may be time to consider a refinance mortgage; i.e., obtaining new financing for an existing loan. That decision is usually followed by revisiting your original mortgage lender, or shopping around for advice in finding a new lender.

If you are seriously considering refinancing your mortgage, you undoubtedly want to find the lowest possible mortgage refinance rates. We can help you find the best rates and options.

These are several considerations that will help lock in the lowest possible refinance rates:

  • Raise your credit score
  • Reduce your debt-to-income ratio
  • Organize your financial documentation
  • Save cash for your closing costs

Following those steps, come in to visit with an experienced broker to discuss other important issues such as the loan term, a review of all your loan options, comparing mortgage rates and fees, and when to lock in your rate. You can trust us to be totally engaged in your search for the best options.

Why Call Us When You Want a Refinance Mortgage?


If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of refinancing your existing mortgage, and attempting to analyze all of the loan programs, call us to help you find the best refinance mortgage.

Before starting the options review, it is best to consider what you want to achieve:

  • Lowering your rate and monthly payments
  • Refinancing for cashing out possibly for college tuition or home improvements
  • Consolidation of other debt
  • Refinancing to switch to a shorter term loan

Assisting in determining your options and the numerous benefits associated with refinancing are what we do best.

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